No pressure

How are you feeling about blogging lately? I mean, your ideal version of blogging. Here is mine. Being a blogger, I am required to be perfect, interesting and put together so that I can share stories on how I am nailing my outfits, meals, job or home everyday, throughout the year and share seasonal advice or … Continue reading No pressure

Choosing your team

Hardly any dream project can be completed alone. You need a team and there are types of them. There are teams where every one is looking for someone to hand hold the task to them, keeping the strategy ready (beforehand) to pass the buck to someone else very soon, or have a valid, fool proof reason … Continue reading Choosing your team


Until the work gets done, it feels tiresome. Until the issue gets resolved, it feels complex. Until the moment (or day or quarter) teams align, project gets completed and product gets shipped, it feels like an uphill journey. Even at home, until I see the husband’s smile while relishing a tasty dinner or feel the … Continue reading Hustle