Hope you all are happy and giggling, with your loved ones, in the comfort of your home, reminiscing the best moments of 2018, counting down the days (or hours) left till the crackers burst and dates change. Here is my story line for the moment. I actually thought of writing a travel post with loads … More Currently…

Little Hack

Last summer, I discovered the amazing taste of overnight oats. The procedure is simple and the taste is great. You have to soak your oats with milk and fruits or seeds or any other toppings of your choice the night before, put it in a jar and then keep it in a refrigerator overnight. You … More Little Hack


Our story for this month started with requests for birthday gifts and continued with multiple trips to stores for party supplies, kid’s clothing and bakery until the personal invitations were done, candles blown, balloons blasted, candies distributed, little bellies and hearts were made happy. The party was over a week back, yet the good vibes … More Currently

Counting my blessings

In a world that gives plenty of reasons to complain about almost any thing around us, from good enough traffic to not enough good movies, from rainy skies to sweltering summers, from tough bosses to cranky kids (and adults, at times), it is so easy to get overwhelmed, by the negativity around you, and the … More Counting my blessings