Coffee in my couch and other things

The most comfortable moments in life are mostly the simple things that happen around in everyday life. That are routine for any woman/mom/girl. That doesn’t need much planning or dreaming or working or putting together per se.

Like sitting on the couch in the morning with coffee cup in my hand and watching the sun rise amidst the clouds from the window.

or sitting near my bed room window, holding a good book in hand and reading it without hurry while the cool breeze from the window make you feel happy, calm and blessed all at the same time.

or walking with husband or kid on an road with less traffic and sharing my day with them, the little things, the silly things, the brave things, all and nothing.

or telling bed time stories to my kid with the characters he choose in random (mostly animals with a little boy or girl now and then) while trying to come up with a decent instant story line, struggles, winning scenes and moral in the end.

or holding that paint brush along with my kid (mostly), mixing colours and trying to make a decent keepsake art (at least for some time).

or watching those stories and reading captions on instagram of the travel bloggers that I follow there and adding those places to my bucket list in mind.

or feeling the stretch of my leg muscles while trying to hold my toes on the yoga mat.

or putting that right shade of lipstick before getting ready to office that instantly uplifts my face like magic, every single day.

or writing my thoughts in journal whenever I get some time, filtering them and putting few of them together to write a blog post here for you. and me.

and so on and on.

What about you? What do you think are your little things?


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