Weekend things

This weekend has been a roller coaster ride which began with friend reminding me the gift that I gave her 10 years ago (and few other crazy things I did when in college) and ended with a clean kitchen sink and good bigg boss episode on tv (season 1 in Telugu).  Could I ask for more? 

I feel happy and grateful for a lot of things, the little things, that happen to me everyday and I don’t take any of them for granted. Here is my thank you note for those sweet little things that happened in these two days. 

Dear friends from old office, 

Thank you for being sweet and kind and remembering me and catching up with me. 

Dear baby, 

Thank you for asking me to play with you from morning to night as I was at home and thank you for understanding that I can’t say yes to you all the time. 

Dear husband, 

Thank you for filling me up and playing with our baby. 

Dear Momos, 

Thank you for being palatable. I know this is my first attempt and result wasn’t so great, but for next time, I am hoping better taste and texture already. 

Dear bigg boss, 

I started liking you. 

Dear gym, 

Sorry for not seeing you for two days. I was kind of getting extra attached to my couch lately. But yes, It will change soon. I will see you first thing in the morning tomorrow. 

Dear Abof, 

Thank you for the beautiful shoes, great quality, wonderful packing and delivery two days before expected date. You made my Sunday so many times better and all the pairs fitted me perfectly. Thank you. 

Dear hair, 

Thank you for bearing with me. I think we can have a smooth journey going forward. I am gonna give you that extra TLC in the coming weeks.

And Dear lillies, 

Thank you for blooming and for begging beautiful as always. 


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