Let’s talk: Dream careers


What is your dream career? This question pops in my mind now and then.

Whenever I ask my son what he want to become when he grows up, when I ask myself what would I like to do in case I want to say good bye to my current job or whenever we discuss about future plans or early retirement plans as a couple.

I know possibilities are endless for my five year old and they keep changing as the day changes. Somehow, I also feel the same about my options too. The list is long and the possibilities are endless.

My list goes something like this. Travel photographer, lifestyle photographer, portrait photographer, blogger, artist, illustrator, writer, dance teacher, gardener, yoga instructor, consultant, restaurateur, speaker, book reader (I am not sure a career like that exists), food taster (!!!), coffee drinker (&**%), walker, trekker, movie watcher, pop corn maker and then the weirdness of list keeps increasing unreasonably.

I am absolutely in love with my current job but the moment I start thinking of the possibility, most of them revolve around camera, travel, food and writing (well mostly). They make me feel more alive, happy, content, present and creative. The question is how do I make them happen. How do I find time for these things, with my family, job and home keeps me busy most of the time. Here is my answer. At times, I take a leave from work to pursue them and rest of the times, I try my hand at them during weekends and holidays or whenever my husband jumps in to take up the job to hold the fort while I am trying my hand at these pursuits. Like right now, when he is feeding my baby breakfast while I am writing this blog post on a Sunday morning (bless him).

What about you?

What is/are in your list of dream career/s?




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