City by the hills


Did you guess which place I am talking about? It is Shimla.

It is very hard for me to put in words what my feelings are for this city. Ever since our little getaway to hills (read a week long vacation taking us away from offices and school to Himachal Pradesh) begun, I was waiting for the moment when I get to meet and greet Shimla. It was our first stop via Kalka. As we are going closer to the city through train from Kalka, the wait felt too long to face. Not boring at all (with all the mountains, plantations and little villages amidst the hills passing by) but five and half hours train journey is long wait in my dictionary. But is totally worth it.

I was expecting a city planted on the top of hills but with plain surface for people live and enjoy the views. Nope. Didn’t happen.

I was creating my own images in brain. But yeah, the moment I reached the place, it is a different story.  Shimla is literally a city on the top of hills, with all good amenities and great food and shopping options but little straight roads to walk by. Most of the roads are either in downward or upward slope. And have steps to reach to many houses, hotels or market areas. And that make the walk on those roads even more special. You can see cars parked for buildings at your level while the homes, restaurants or hotels rooms are in the levels below. That makes sure that almost every room has amazing views of the houses around and hills that are far away. Couldn’t ask for more.

I felt so happy to meet the nice people, see great culture, good churches, book exhibitions, shopping area, nice restaurants, hot street food, exotic fruits and super soft furry dogs there. I saw people readily supporting each other and even wondered whether they know each other before when they are helping each other taking reverse gears on roads, guiding the drivers passing by, smiling at each other. But our driver confirmed us that it in most cases, no. It is just the way of life there. May be I can learn a thing or two (or even more) from them on adaptability. They are just blooming where they are. Isn’t is sweet.

And, with my kid running near my legs, I wondered how the kids go to schools there and Shimla surprised me again. With its own university and medical college, right there.

So, that was good experience for us getting to know about the sweet Shimla city. Check out the pictures below. You may start liking it too.

IMG_2449A part of the city.

IMG_2473IMG_7343These trees are literally everywhere, making the homes amidst them even more cute.

IMG_7340IMG_7353IMG_7354The houses with living spaces below the road people walk by.

IMG_7361IMG_20170626_183432Mall road and horse ride.





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