Let’s draw rain 

(One night post dinner at home, me and my boy got pencils and paper to draw.) 

“What do I draw? Tell me.”

“The plant. Or, may be leaves.”

“I don’t know how to draw leaves. Ok, mom tell me. What are you drawing?”

“Some bird”

“Peacock? Parrot? Show me, show me!!”

“Wait! Let me finish it first.”

“What do I draw then?”

“Choose whatever you like. There are no rules for that.”

(A little wind, rain and power cut followed each other in quick succession.)

“Yeah, it started raining outside. Let’s go and draw the rain!!”

“What? It’s dark outside. You can’t even see it properly.” 

“Let’s try. Come on.”


(We went to the dark balcony with him holding my finger, his book, pencil carefully and while I held my phone, just in case to use as torch. We settled down calmly to watch the rain.)

“Yeah. It’s dark. I can’t see a thing. Let’s wait.”

“I said so.”

(I started wishing for a warm cup of coffee in hand).

“Yeah. Look at that car. With that light from headlights, I can see the rain. Let’s draw car in the rain.”

“Ok, but..”

“Its ok mom. Let me draw.”

(The car was parked even before he started putting the pencil down and the headlights were off.)

“What do we do now?”

“Ok. Let’s wait again.”

(The power is back at home but not on the streets.)

“See the lightning (with thunders here and there). I can see the buildings and rain now.”

“Go on and draw it.”

“Ok. The rain on buildings. Let me draw. Oh!! It’s gone too soon.”

“Let’s wait again.”

(I know lighting can’t be trusted to give us light enough to draw the rain. Neither does the cars that come and go, now and then. Nevertheless, we waited in the balcony till the rain subsided.)

“Mom, let’s get inside.”

“You wanna draw rain now. You saw it enough.”

“Now that there is no rain, let’s draw something else.”

“Ok. Let’s sleep and think of something else to draw tomorrow.”


Conversations like this with my little one are the ones I want to remember, forever. I wish I can freeze these moments, store them to cherish for ever. 

To see the day and night, the way we see it now. To play the games, we play now. To tell the bedtime stories, we share now. 

Let there be rain or no rain, light or no light, holiday or Monday, let moments like these stay with us. Every single day. 


And about us drawing the rain, we are waiting for the rain to come again, when we both are ready and in mood to draw. Probably during day time this time. 


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