Good morning from little garden 

​Hello. Hope you had a great summer with your loved ones. I had too.

Filled with hot(est) days, fruit juices, new friends, cousins, kids (now and then), vacation plans (will share details soon), diets, personal training, sore muscles, a little weight loss, long conversations with husband, book readings (Harry Potter one night and Lean management principles on other night), retirement plans (what happened to me and us!!!), movie nights and few binge eating episodes of street food, my summer felt good.

And I am glad it started raining a little, now and then, lately.  Finally!!!

I am slowly getting myself comfortable in this new phase of life. In new office, with new people and new almost everything for 9 hours of my weekdays. I am learning and I am doing fine. I haven’t found my new BFFs yet but yeah, hopefully soon I will find them.

Coming to this post, today morning I woke up to my alarm as usual. With the cool breeze coming out of the window, I thought of having a moment for myself in the balcony, along with my phone to capture few good things around. It felt good. It’s nothing big or grand, but it definitely felt good.

The sun, my little greens and few reds and yellows (raised with loads of care and love by my husband). You can see the pictures below.

And I think the quickest way to make to make myself happy is to take pictures. A few good ones, if possible and I felt the happiest instantly. (Though my trainer made me feel otherwise an hour later while lifting the weights, but that’s story for another day.)

For today, I wanted to say hello to you again from my little garden.

P.S.: I have also noticed that this blog turned an year old recently. So, Happy birthday to this little place.


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