Here I am 

“If nothing ever changed, there will be no butterflies” – unknown 

Here I am now, back to my blog, after a break of around two months. I was busy sorting things, making choices, crossing fingers, writing mails, finishing the pending tasks, making plans, handing over duties and preparing myself to move on. To new job with new team. 

Thus, I chose to slow down.This phase needed me to sit back and watch things happen, at their own pace, one step at a time, one day at a time and I did so. 

Apart from the transition part, the best things that happened in the last two months was that my baby boy graduated from pre-primary school and I had plenty of memories from my trip to china where I had the opportunity to play in snow, board the bullet train, visit Beijing, eat in Indian restaurant in China and climbing the never ending stairs of great wall of China. I am very grateful for the travel experiences. 

The tough part was preparing my work friends (aka colleagues) and myself for my departure.

Now, today, I wanted to post here to say that I will come back to this blog once the transition is over. With clear mind and light heart. Soon.

Stay in touch. Have a good time.

(Pic: sunset in Beijing)







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