This year 

I know that it is now too late to wish you guys happy new year. But anyways, happy new year. 

Saying that I was busy since last month to take time out to write a blog post here would be lie. There were moments where are I was totally free, feeling super creative, thoughtful and energetic but I don’t know why this blog post thing didn’t happen. 

Ok. I will tell you what I have been doing, in few simple words below. 

Learning: how to draw dragon, from my baby boy.

Practicing: lead notes to my first few sings on guitar (not the entire songs but just the first few lines) 

Listening: all new Bollywood party songs coz we are taking Zumba seriously at home lately (wink)

Eating: lots of sweets. I don’t know how this new craving began but right now, I am eating at least one or two a day. 

Workout: now this is the big part of my day lately and I am glad that I am continuing this new year goal even after the third week of January. So, I think that is big progress. And my recent sweets obsession is making me work out more, as if you compensate for the extra calories put in my body. 

Favorite webpage: pop sugar fitness page. There is lots of important information here for fitness amateurs like me. 

Planning: a trip to chennai next week. Trying to learn a couple of Tamil words here and there. 

Reading: serious philosophy stuff. 

Insta-stalking: Ballerinas and their poses and moves and workouts. 

Goal: this year, unlike any other year, I have finally learnt that one is enough. I just had one goal for this year. To be my best fit self. 

So, that is the story guys. How is your new year going on?

– good vibes – 


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