Dear little one 

Dear little one, 

These days are wonderful, with you. 

As you keep on talking, I keep on listening. And smiling. And nodding. And getting to know you better. 

The more, the merrier. For both of us. 

You show me picture of snow bear, talking excitedly about what they do and eat and where they live. I nod my head confirming that such things exist. And then you ask me about rain cats and sun tigers. 

I notice how quickly you relate things and make connections. I am learning. 

You request me for stories of dinosaurs, deers and butterflies before bed.

I open up my silly imagination. 

The other day, you request me for stories of dinosaurs, deers and butterflies before bed. I say that I am tired. 

And you understand and share your stories instead. 

I was struggling to play decent notes on guitar since an year. You joined drums class two weeks back and you want to complete drums lessons by class 2 and learn piano by class 4 and guitar by class 6. 

You are ready for the new things. I am listening to you  while tuning my guitar strings. 

You want to hide scars on your little knees, torn papers from school books, broken legs of animal toys, crayon drawings on dressers which tests my nerves a little. But when you show me stars and smileys from teacher on your homework and kiss me for helping you, I tend to forget the tough parts of our day.  

You ask me take pictures. Of your drawing, crayons, baby dinosaurs (coming out from eggs) and your little hands. And then you change poses even before I unlock my phone and touch my camera button. Before I take take a decent pic. You are quick. 

I will pick up. 

Before you move on to the next stage, the next class, the next cartoon, next new game, new hobby, I want to hold you now, box these moments and say big wholehearted thank you to you. With a kiss.  

For being sweet, quick, lovable, understanding and kind to this mom who is learning how to play this mom game. You are rocking this stage every single day and I am taking cues, picking up toys from floor, learning names, learning grace, making notes in mind to do a better job tomorrow. I am working on it. 

Telling stories, hiding our faults, helping each other, and remembering to take a few pictures along the way for keepsake, we are ready. For tomorrow. Side by side. Hand in hand. 

Let’s move on. 




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