Coffee break 


Sit. And sip.

Before the you get the next call for hot water. Or that red colored spoon. Or missing socks. Or sauce. Or watering plants (which I imagine they do call me for water these days).

They can wait. A bit.

May be another minute.

Sit. And sip.

Before you begin running again for  little race you began in the morning while putting the milk to boil on stove. You can continue it. You will finish it on time.

But for now, sit. And sip.

Because, you love it and you are blessed by a couple of hands to help you. The most lovely and helpful couple of hands that allow you the liberty to warm up your own hands with the little cup of coffee on winter mornings. Together, you can make up for the lost time. You for them. Them for you.

I am telling this to myself almost everyday, and doing my best to not miss it (with so much help from my boys, of course) coz this winter is not going to stay forever. Neither the morning cold breeze nor the friendliest sunrise. Though it may happen tomorrow, it will not be the same as today. Isn’t it.

And so, Sit. And sip.

And carry on.

Pick up speed afterwards. And make sure to be on time.

To school. And to office.


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