Little things #6 

How can it happen that I have so many things to share on my mind, so many draft posts in line but I have posted so less here, at this place. May be I am collecting too many thoughts and presenting so less. No Judgements. On self at least. It is OK to go with the flow. for now.

So, here I am back from office, sitting on the couch, drafting the post with laptop on my lap while my boy is having crispies for evening snacks while enjoying the never-cease-to-be-interesting-almost-family-member-type-characters Doraemon and Lobita on TV. This is our typical evening before we move on to home works from school, dinner, little play time and stories before bed.

I am happy today. For not some big things but the little things. my things. My new shoes didn’t pinch a bit today (on day one), loved the bow on shirt and I was actually looking at it all the day now and then admiring it, had a very fruitful meeting with new senior colleague at office, met my friend from Hong Kong in the evening at office (unplanned but super happy moment), one of my friends announced her wedding (I am so happy for her), had kulfi with my baby on my way back to home, saw that my new baby plants survived the third day at home (this is a thing for me as I don’t have my trust on my parenting skills with plants). How can a pair of good shoes bring so many good things in your day? I think I should make a note of this. Though I don’t have pictures of any of this to show you, I am happy throughout and am very thankful for every single thing that happened today. And one more thing. I am writing a blog post today. This is cherry-on-my-cake moment for today because this is the thing I love the most. Collecting pictures, drafting the post and sharing it with you. I love it and I love you for taking time to read my story. Thank you so much.

So, here I am, sharing my little things with you. The few snippets from this month, which I have luckily taken pictures of to share and to remember them forever.

Diwali is special in itself but when my kid brings home a new plain mud diya to be decorated for competition at school, I can’t help myself but pull out my art supplies and spend one more best hour with my kid.

I love this nude shade of this nail colour from colorbar. It’s my kind of cool yet professional.

The rangoli I made in our drawing room floor on diwali. With flowers and candles, it was a masterpiece for my record, considering my skill level in homely and girly things like these.

One of the many gorgeous views from our road trip. The lake, the tree, the little temple, the truck, the reflection, the sky. I call it perfection, the untouched and raw kind.

And here are my new babies. Hope I can show you pictures of them blooming and thriving two months later. Please wish me success. Please pray for the life of these little babies in my hands. Pretty please. #fingerscrossed






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