In that faraway land, there were vast fields, nice people, green horizons, friendly neighbourhoods, free time, beautiful temples, calm lakes and home. And parents.

Play as much as you want. Read as much as you want. Cycle at leisure. Draw your dreams. Swing in the swing. Fall asleep while reading local news. Small talks. Slow cooking. Sun bathing. Line drying the clothes. Fresh fruits from the trees. Mobile data off.

Our trip last week was short. The memories were many. To remember and cherish while doing yoga poses in morning on mat or while saving that sales forecast excel sheet at desk. Here I am, today, back to my business of making breakfasts and building castles.

There was a time when I used to feel that the other life is very boring and mundane and can never suit my tastes. I wanted a fast life. I wanted to move away, make a name, make a career, build empire.I grew up. I came away. I changed.

I came, made a career, had a family, made home, learnt cooking, cleaning and waking up to alarms, practised making lists and crossing items off the to-do list throughout the day, chasing time, being productive, squeezing activities all along so that I can get that one free hour in the evening. To play as much as I want, to read as much I want, to draw my dreams as much as I want, along with my kid. I am becoming what I wanted.

and then, I started changing, slowly and gradually.

Started dreaming again.

This time, of the faraway lands.






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