New pair of jeans

I think I am getting slowly used see the bright side of things, like for a day or two, especially when it comes with a chance to shop new clothes. 

A few weeks back, I met with a little accident on the way to office on a slightly rainy  day. Boom. It happened so fast that I have no idea now on how it happened exactly. 

The incident gave me two things: a pair of perfect ripped jeans (a cut big enough as my kid’s mouth when wide open (also read it as not-suitable-for-office-anymore type) on the left leg of my pair ) and a need for a new JEANS. Sad or happy, I am not sure. I couldn’t think clear with bruised knees. 

Now the real story. 

From the last year or so, I am living mostly with leggings in many colors and two pairs of jeans. A blue one and a black one. So classy and simple. Or functional and minimal (this is my goal).

Now that I needed a new one, The search began. Not immediately though, coz I couldn’t comfortably limp my way to crowded trial rooms in the glossy malls in festive season to try on new pairs. And put them on and take them out. Absolutely no, since I was listening to my poor skin, muscles and bones (likely) around my left knee. I gave myself two weeks to heal. 

Longer time window before shopping only led to more research. What shall I take? Shall I take an exact black stretchy one from the same brand (ohh, don’t be so boring) coz the old aged too fast or else. 

New Options??!  

At this point, the choices just exploded. Like toooo many. Blue or dark blue, or black. light blue or whitish blue, faded or washed or unwashed, vintage or ripped, ripped where and how much,  patched or wrinkled, stretchable or stiff as ironed, ankle length, full length or shorter casual one, with zipper at ankle or no zipper near ankle, jeggings, boy friend jeans, mom jeans, straight cut, slim fit, high rise, medium rise, low rise, ankle length, boot cut, slight flare, ok, somebody stop me here. You got the point about 19 seconds back already. 

And I need some fashion blogger to write a book or atleast a long post on how to choose one. A little help to everyone, you know. 

So, what do you say? Which jean type would you love to live-in always and what would you suggest me. A regular, non-boring, working mom who would like to dance and play a little with her baby (in jeans) as soon as she hit home in the evening after a long day at work and then head over to dinner at some place close by if husband is also in mood for the same (I am trying to make myself look interesting. Hmm.) or let her even do yoga if she feels so (inspired by Katrina Kaif’s new campaign in stretchyyy jeans for FBB). And my jeans should be ready. 

So, what do you say? How would you choose yours? 


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