Little did I know that some day I will make a post like this. It’s the season and its normal. Rains happen almost every year. What is new this time?

This time, the rain gods were generous with Hyderabad. This time, the rain gods decided to make it a raining marathon cum carnival instead of the little sprint races that we are used to see here and there.

Coz, this time, I had to drive to office on a two wheeler (poor vespa, but also my little gorgeous vespa) every single working day leaving back the comfort of public transport on days like these and then, just like that, everything starts getting complicated.

Yeah. The mornings begin with breaking news updates from my kid every five minutes looking out of the window in the mornings. I couldn’t be the one giving updates coz I was cooking and packing food for my bunch for the day.

“It’s raining. See. See. They (people on road) are getting drenched.”

“It’s raining hard, do I need to go to school today?”

“It’s raining less (but may increase by the time we start)”

“It isn’t raining now but can start anytime. I don’t want to go to school today. Please, mom”

(“Can we start early today before the rain starts” says voice from husband in the background. He must be kidding (I thought). It never happened in our little family history that we start earlier than necessary on any working day. Vacations, though, is a different story.)

I would most likely be in my own little warm world with thoughts to make coffee, smell the coffee, sip it slowly, in my favorite cup, holding the  cup comfortably in my palms, sitting on my sofa, looking out of window. Yeah, yeah. I was dreaming. There are bigger tasks ahead. Another day, may be.

Finally, never minding the climate cues outside, we will be ready with our armory (rain coats, boots and a dozen hopes that we can make it decently to the destination on time, give or take a minute or two. ok only give, don’t take, we already have less time).

The school, luckily, is very near to home but our offices, not much. So, the next job is ahead, on the road.

Slipping wet hands from the bike handle, dripping water drops from the corners of helmet and buttons of rain coat, hazy glass on helmet (as the technology of keeping wipers on helmets is still under development, I guess), horns from your followers and breaks by your leaders (the cars/bikes in front of you who took the noble job of guiding your way that day), the puddles and potholes everywhere (new ones,  old ones, just born ones, forgotten ones, worn out and trust worthy ones, the ones that are just beside you that you managed to avoid but your new friend driving beside you managed to pass through, well, just having fun making my legs a little more wet. Thank you. Though, after some point, it stops mattering how wet you are when the levels of coolness (the other kind of coolness) you reach reaches too high too soon, to be handled, right there. and then.

And finally, somehow, some time later, wet or dry, on time or because-of-the-rains time, text messages start soon.

“You know I made it in 25 minutes”

“Even my phone got wet, what to do!! I am texting just to say you this, somehow”

“Made it. No traffic jam, yeah yeah yeah”

“Reached wet but at least made it before my boss. Haha.”

You got the point.

PS: We got a car sitting in the parking lot, though, waiting patiently for us to kick start the engine and drive around. But what to do. We are too lazy to drive on working days and normal days and the traffic expected on these blessed days needs you to start at least 45 minutes early to reach on time, which is almost as big project as mission impossible for us. Forget it. So, as per our policy (the lazy-people friendly one), bikes are the best, to reach quickly and getting a little wet en route, just here and there, not much. you will manage it. ok, learn to manage it. some day.

By the way, If you don’t take the risks, how can you have stories to tell. You tell me (wink).

So, do you drive two-wheelers, on rainy days? What is your story?


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