Over coffee #2

Here are the little updates that I want to share with you in case we meet over coffee in any happy place. Go ahead and check them out. 

Agreed that this is not my best drawing but look at it. Isn’t this guy interesting. I mean the beard. I don’t know what is the exact name of the  style for this beard but I felt the urge to draw it as soon as I saw a picture of a man in a group while reading an article from fast company. Did this style inspire me in any way?  I don’t know. Like, who cares. 

I have completed reading on writing by Stephen King and now reading on writing well by William Zinsser (aren’t the titles competing?)

I have completed my second month of shopping break and I did just fine. The third month, I have become much more conscious on shopping but I am back to shopping mode. Festive season you know.

I have started doing weights recently and yes, I want my arms to be like Michelle Obama. Pretty big goal here. 

Coming to my weight loss goals, I did paleo diet for 6 days (they call it 80% paleo) with cheat day allowed once a week. I lost only 0.8 kg in a week and the challenge is too tough for a foodie like me. That is also the week when I was thinking 60% of the time on what to eat next because your choices are very limited there. Not even coffee is allowed and that rule took the diet to next level of unfairness. I think giving that much thought to food and recipes for a week is new record for my lifetime.  So, good bye paleo. I learnt my lessons. I am not saying never but for now, bye. 

I have deleted Spoyl app from my phone. This closet sale thing didn’t work for me.

I waited for around a month for Madam Secretary season 2 to finish so that I can sleep sooner but now the replacement show Scorpion is even better. Like, how can you not watch a bunch of cool, highest IQ guys solving the world problems? How ?? I would like to write a letter like this. “Dear AXN, please move my favorite shows to 9 pm  or at least make the next 10 pm show a little boring. I would like to sleep early. Please. Thank you. ”  yeah, I already made a separate post about it. 

And One more last thing. My family on Instagram is now 150 (@jaan.here). That made me do a little happy dance. Thank you for the love. 

And ok. One more last thing. Right now, we are in the middle of dandiya fever (actually dandiya dance and fun every evening in every hip corner of the city and I am getting over my fever. Slowly. So this term.) It is not much fun to watch your favorite event from a distance but yes, let me wait by the side and pick up my health a bit so that I can dance a little. A little. 

That is it from me. 

What is up with you? 


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