Yes, the most important part of my life.

But does it deserve a blog post right now ?!! Yes (if you want to know how I screwed up my sweet schedule) and no (in case you are already master at staying till 2 pm and still nail the next morning #ootd look on Instagram as fresh as a daisy as if nothing happened and get everything done on time at home and office too).

So lets begin with my story. I am a morning girl and a good girl for most part of my life who wakes up, does yoga or other workouts, read newspaper while having coffee in the mornings, did meditation even for few minutes most of the days to calm down by excited and super curious brain before I start my busy part of the day. I need my sleep for at least 6 hours every night without which I feel like the most lazy version of myself all through the next day, looking for every chance to grab coffee to look sane, waiting for the day to end as soon as possible to hit the bed as early as possible the next night. This used to be manageable when the late night movies or dinner parties and hanging out with cousins happens once a week (mostly on weekends).

But the story changed completely when I started taking too much leverage on my hit the bed schedule (which should ideally be around 10 pm) given my latest obsession with AXN shows (first madam secretary and now Scorpion). The time moved slightly to 11 pm and when you move it even slightly more (for legitimate reasons like suddenly I wanted to show some great videos from whatsapp to my husband, feel like practicing guitar at late nights to see what it feels like (while watching shows on TV, of course), binge eating by cooking at late night coz we (both) get cravings to eat while watching good things (its a family thing, I guess, coz even by kid joined us then. now don’t judge me for my parenting skills. To the best of my knowledge, I got very few)) making every one awake till late night. And so hit the bed late, put the kid to bed late, I sleep a little later and hit the snooze button at least six times the next morning before putting alarm off and brush my teeth and sleep for 5 minutes and put the milk on stove and sleep for 10 more minutes and begin cooking rice on electric cooker and sleep for 7 minutes and when the watch finally hits the danger time zone of 7.30 AM, I regain my senses (responsibilities, to be apt, coz I have three souls, including myself, to wake up, cheer up, feed,  and send them ready to take on the day by 8.30 AM, sharp. no bargains.)

I did manage these stunts for a like a week and then rains started in Hyderabad making late night hot snacks more delicious and pulling myself out of bed in mornings more troublesome and the morning hours at my home (after everyone is awake) started look similar to the climax scenes of Die Hard 2, 3, 4 or whatever your favourite action movie is like. I skipped workouts badly and meditation…well, forget it. I didn’t have proper time to put on my eyeliner itself.

Then came the breakdown and revelation time. This can’t go on for long time and it is not good for anyone of the three of us. Yes, now, I am thinking of solutions.

So, I am just planning to have a meeting with AXN guys to shift the show times to 7 or 8 PM or else, sorry. OK, not sorry, but may be I can watch them on Netflix, some time later, or may be, I talk myself out of TV binge watching at nights and make time for bed time stories with my baby, 9 PM sharp or may be 9.30. No. OK, 10 is reasonable, I guess, to call it a day. My day. So that I can have my my night, and my sleep. What say?

How are you doing it? How do you manage to  wake up till late night and still rock it the next day or do you vote for the early to bed, early to rise norm like a good mom?



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