Little things 

Never did I think in life that my life can get this busy. Not busy, worried, stressed kind of way but busy and happy, occupied and enjoying kind of way. so, even if you are interested, I am not available to meeting you for the next 4 weekends (unless you offer be greatest movie or awesome chocolate treats).

These adorable angry birds will meet again in the month of October and are going to hang out for more than a week for holidays. They are friendly and treat each other nicely, generally speaking but given that fact that they are in age where you never know what they want the next day, we can’t be so sure. So excited (with fingers crossed).

Isn’t this cool. this is post by #girlboss team on instagram and I love it. I need it to be framed and kept on my desk. Just in case.

Can you believe that I made this dish and it came out tasty and it has hardly four ingredients (if you include water used to make the syrup too) and i made it in less than 45 minutes (may take less than 30 minutes for the kitchen gods and goddesses, of course).

Yes, this is my favourite lake, close to home and this sunset sky situation gave me one more reason to check out this place even more.

In case you missed this update on my Instagram , this is my diet on sunday, when no one is watching (wink).

That evening where we celebrated the ganesh visarjan was epic and this is how it came to end.

What are your little things that you are enjoying and celebrating lately?


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