The Road Trip


Here are few photos as I have promised you earlier, from our recent trip.

Some road trips are worth remembering for a life time and I feel exactly that way when I think about our vacation in Chikmagalur which we had two weeks earlier on the independence day long weekend. The greenery everywhere is such a turn on for any one who get tired of city life and when the dash of hovering clouds, roads with no traffic signals, fresh air and scenic beauty anywhere you look around are added to it, the trip became a perfect and complete one.

Here are the individual images if you have little time to check them out.


This place also had a very beautiful coffee shop nearby which is suitable for taking a break from our long drive and enjoy the views.


road trip 3

road trip 2

road trip 1

The clouds are literally everywhere, on every hills those days and we liked watching them with the kids a lot.



And this is the greenery my dreams are made of. Someday, sure I would like to live in some place like this.

cmg rd 2

and there were no traffic police around (wink).

Hope you liked them as much as we did. What do you say?




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