Up and up and up

The song up & up from the album, Coldplay, is being played repeat on my lips as long as it could the past week. The audio is great and the video, you must watch it. Describing the video in my words could never do just to its freshness and creativity. So be it. 

My mood has been in the UP mode too, even since our trip from last weekend started and it is still there, declining to come down. Meeting friends, eating at random restaurants, sharing a tons of memories, handling two kids at the same time, cherishing gorgeous hill locations, changing plans and locations, facing leeches, taking pictures, having real talks and much more. How can my mood be anything but up. We had a great time there and I hundreds of photos to prove that. I will share them with you soon. Till then, have a great time and enjoy great music, every single day 🙂

P.S.: I haven’t bought a single thing for myself during the trip and that completes my two month shopping break successfully and I am already near the finish line of first week of third month. I am feeling good about it. Cheers to simple living. 


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