Writing it down…

I have started journaling about an year back after reading few blog posts and articles on the internet about the benefits of it and started practicing it to see how it works for me. 

As recommended in the book, The Artist’s way by Julia Cameron, I have tried to write at least three pages per day in my journal (also called morning pages) which is not meant for reading by anyone. It’s just a practice to put the pen on paper and write. My journals are filled with the thoughts that I am having for the day, random events in life, about the people I meet, places I saw, the experiences I have, the dishes I made, the games I played with my kid, the long rides we took, the movies I watched, my work at office, friends, conversations, coffee, books. Anything and everything. It felt meaningless in the beginning. 

Journaling felt like just remembering what is going on in my brain that day and putting it to words on paper and there is nothing useful over there. But as the practice went on and on, I started looking forward to it. I developed a taste for it. It became a good way to re-read my day, look inside myself, develop a little deeper understanding of the happenings in progress, stay grounded and calm despite what is happening in the world outside me.

I can say that this practice of journaling has been worthwhile and has become a new favourite hobby of mine. If I can add a cup of coffee or green tea to it, the pleasure just doubles by itself.

Are you into journaling? What do you write about? 


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