Good old (school) habits 

Let me begin the post with a simple question. Who or what motivates you the most? 

Celebrities, friends, books, TED talks, blog posts, movies, athletes, models, founders, artists and yeah, the list is unending. You can add whatever other things you like to add your personal twist to the list. I was just trying to help you with answer. 

While you are thinking about yourself and your possible answers, here is my answer or couple of answers depending on how you count them. Movies, books, shows, blogs and travel to new places motivate me a lot and among them, movies take a major place. Can’t help it. 

The characters from movies inspire me a lot. I know they are imaginary (well, mostly) and the entire team behind the scenes have kept thousands of man hours to make them look the way they look. Agreed. May be, that is the reason. That is the reason movie buffs like me are thriving in the society since the beginning of movies and we keep wanting more and more of the good ones. 

The latest movie that I watched aka loved is ‘The Intern’ and the character I loved is Ben Whittaker, the good old, cool(est) and gentlemanly intern. He is 70 and joins as an intern at a start up. He starts impressing us from that point. 

I find his (old school) habits amazing and when you combine them with his great attitude towards work, colleagues and life, the mix makes the person completely adorable. Here is a little glimpse of his character in my own words. 

Ben puts his dress and work bag ready the night before, he wakes up to alarm, shaves daily (even on sundays, yes), always on time, know the right words to use in every situation, observant but won’t rant about them, smiles often, dresses himself in suits everyday though his startup workplace doesn’t need him to, respects women, makes friends easily, eager to learn, offers help readily, understands people, even practices to blink his eyes often (because his boss dislikes to look at unblinking eyes). I can go on and on like this. I admire Ben. 

I haven’t noticed any recent movies giving this much attention to the beauty and ordeals of regular office going workers life in the protagonist character as in the movie ‘the intern’. I can relate my self to the story because I am working full time right now, because I belong to the current generation and I can relate my self to his younger colleagues at office and totally agree with them in giving Ben the admiration and respect he deserves. And in my dreams, I want to be impeccable like Ben myself in my life, at least by the next decade. #lifegoals

You must watch him in action ASAP, if you haven’t already. This weekend, may be. 

Ok. Here, I end my story. 

You tell me now.  What are you watching now-a-days and who inspired you lately? 


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