Over coffee #1

A believe a lot of interesting conversations happen when you meet your old friend for coffee on some random day. So here it is. Just my part of the conversation which you can read sipping coffee slowly at your place of comfort.   

 Let’s begin. 

This is my favorite poster currently. 

I have 10 draft posts lying in my wordpress blog. 

I wasn’t taking as many photos as I want to take now-a-days. I need a big push in that area. 

I am loving and reading a lot from two blogs lately. Mr. Money moustache and Garancedore. They are unrelated but totally cool in their own way. 

I am loving honey lemon flavor of green tea more than any others I tried. 

My baby was telling “I love you mommy” more times than usual and I am totally cool with it. Who wouldn’t?

My son asked recently, “do you have a boyfriend at office? Coz, a girl likes a boy and dances with him moving in circles at office after work. It’s common”. I have no idea where he is getting all these ideas from. 

I am loving cooking lately and I am even coming up with few combinations that I like. Chickpeas with tomato. Boiled corn with ketchup. Any takers here. 

I have completed reading “the art of learning” by Josh Waitzkin and currently reading “on writing” by Stepheh King. 

I tried storytelling with my baby holding the first book of Harry Potter series, the sorcerers stone one, but he lost interest by fourth sentence. Reason: There were no pictures in the book. I kept the book neatly back to where it belong. He is just 5 (will be in a month) and there is still time for long stories, I guess. 

And, I have lost 3.7 lb in the last two weeks. Yeahhh. 

Now it’s your turn. What is happening there? 


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