It takes two to tango 

and it takes a late night ice cream with my little sister to call the evening one of the best memories ever. 

Last weekend, I was busy with my weekend trip to visit my sister in Guntur. Those two days reminded me a lot of my student life. College, classes, assessments, lectures, seniors, scooty pep, study table, thick books and all that. I kind of missed those days but hey, I am also happy that younger ones in my family are still there, living those days. So, I can catch up the glimpses any time I want. Right!! 

We roamed the place on bike, met few of her friends, had street food and ice cream, had long conversations, watched Korean love stories (one of our favourite past time), slept late at night and boom. The trip came to end so soon and I was back on my way to Hyderabad. It was short but yes, sweet too. 

And how can I forget views from the balcony of her room like these. Can someone please take me there again?! 


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