Shopping break – one month complete 

what are breaks if they are no fun?

Yes, ever since I took this shopping break last month, I was going through a phase of excitement-reminder-letting it go-laugh it off cycle running frequently in mind when ever I am seeing new sales (up to 50% and even 70% at times) in progress when I was passing through malls (where I went for movie, though), nice dresses or cool shoes on instagram feed, while listening to stories from friends who bagged great items on sale this month and many more. The temptation was there but yes, my badassity too was there while I was telling myself I am above these for this month, you can’t lure me enough, I am saying NO to you on your face and stuff. I wasn’t missing the fun of shopping at that time. I was actually thinking about the mindlessness in purchasing every new cool thing that we can buy just because we CAN buy and we MAY use it someday. This project made sense to me and so, I liked it. I liked it so much that I am now planning to extend it to another two months – so we are talking about quarterly break here. And my rules for shopping break are still the same. NO shopping for clothes, accessories or cosmetics for myself during the project with the exception of items which are extremely basic or related to personal hygiene and only in case I run out of them. Pretty simple.

And what have I learnt during this month? There are few interesting things that one learns only by experience that I want to share but now, I choose to be a bit patient and I want my understanding to get deeper. So, I will post on that points only after completing the three month break.

The first month was easy because I have no major events or parties to attend, no travel plans or any other such occasions which may prompt me to buy new things. The next two months are going to be different as I will be travelling a little and coming back from a trip with no new clothes from the new place is like a dishonor to the place and trip itself. At least, that’s how I used to feel. so, now the challenge got a bit hotter. Let me see what happens.

How about you? Have you taken any shopping break recently? How do you feel about it?


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