Little things 

There are many things going on together around here and I am glad that I am not loosing my mind on them, well, yet. I am meeting many extended family members lately, having one at home right now, planning for two trips in the coming four weeks, one big puja on cards, guitar classes to catch up with, office and school as usual but I am fine. I am here, breathing and enjoying the little things in life in the middle of otherwise chaotic life.  Few snippets for you here. 

Bamboo tree stickers in the living room. It is a wall paper sticker and we, all three of us, had good time putting it together in shape.  

Our budding little artist is now keen on drawing for the school projects by himself and here is the little sage, whose hands got too big while meditating. Haha. 

Listed these shoes and a few others on Spoyl app. 

And these snapchat filters are fun. Isn’t it? 


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