My goals for the next six months 

2016 has been great so far and I barely noticed that we crossed the first half year mark recently. 

I am doing well here and I have so many pleasant memories to cherish from the first six months. We went on a family trip along with couple of other families to Mysore, ooty and kodaikanal, I am picking up well in my guitar practice, I have started this blog, I got promotion at my office, my little sister got married, I am now in ascending part of learning curve when it comes to my cooking skills and we three as a family found our suitable activity, food and sleep routines. There are few misses too but nothing too big to mention here.

Since we are already in July, I want to put up few goals that I want to achieve on various aspects of my life in the next 6 months here. 

  1. Meditation: I have been observing few more incidences than usual of mood swings lately and I guess strengthening my meditation practice is a good way to work on that attitude. So my goal here is to meditate atleast four times a week and one session of twin hearts meditation per week. I will be using calm app to track my meditation practice. 
  2. Simple living: I have been reading a lot of posts on simple living from around two years but it was only in the last month that I actually started my practice with one little project – the joy of one item per category. I have started it with lip balm and I now, I want to extend it to other items too. I am also four days less on my one month shopping break project. I want to try shopping ban for three months and extend the joy of one project to all items I own under the personal care or cosmetics category. For now. 
  3. Travel: Travelling is not the first or second but the all time love of my life and I feel extremely blessed coz my husband is totally supportive in this case and loves travel as much as me. My baby is young but he never had any complaints about going to new places except that on the third day morning, he will start asking when are we going back to Hyderabad. It is manageable, though.  In this six months, I would like to complete atleast one trip as family and we have already booked tickets and hotel for us for our Independence Day holidays to a place close to Bangalore. More details on that next month. 
  4. Weight: This is the toughest goal area for me so far ( I talking to you with years of experience on my sleeves of failed projects in weight loss trials and diets) and I never reached safely close to my pre- pregnancy weight even though my baby is close to five years now. I need to do it atleast now and my target is to loose 15 lbs by Dec 2016. I would like to workout atleast four times a week and work on my dinner routines to achieve this goal. 
  5. Start freelancing: I have no offers on hand right now but I want figure out how my services will be of use to others. I need to explore this field and I have postponed it for long enough time already. I want to begin doing it this time. 
  6. Start repaying home loan: Home loan is the first ever loan I have taken in my life and I know the pain when I see the monthly instalments taking away a considerable amount from my bank account every month. The thought of doing the same for another thirteen years is not very comfortable to me. I fear I might get old paying and paying and paying these instalments every month. I have to work on this front and make atleast one voluntary loan repayment in the coming two quarters. 

That’s me. What plans have you got for the next six months? 


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