Cool reminders 

You want to put on stilletos to your office? Go for it. 

You want to have sundae for dinner when it is raining outside?  Who is stopping you. 

Wanna learn Spanish? Yes. 

Go hiking? Yes. 

Holistic, simple living? Double yes. 

Where are all these ideas coming from? I must say, see above. This picture inspired me today morning. That person, that smile, that attitude and that dress. Everything in it. That gorgeous lady is telling us all to rock that presentation, make that pitch, put on that smile, savour the soup, take pictures, dance to the tunes, watch late night movies, doodle super heroes, fill up pages with funny lines, dress up every single day, kiss your babies and have fun. 

When we are not sure on what will happen tomorrow or when it doesn’t matter what happened yesterday and when today is all you have, right in front of you. Why not?

The point is to live your dreams. Isn’t it? 

Happy Monday. 

Picture source: from my Facebook feed. 


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