Greys and blacks

Let’s start with the greys. 

The monsoon has finally set in Hyderabad and we are more than happy to welcome it. Dark clouds all the time, spontaneous drizzles now and then, good rain at nights, what else could we ask for? We are actually thankful that it’s not much raining during day time or peak hours and roads were not bad either. We are enjoying these grey days. 

Taking this cue from climate, I have renewed my interest in low light photography and was doing my own little experiments with dark backgrounds for photography. Nothing much share worthy though but I am working on it. 

Taking pictures is one of my favorite hobbies and If there is a good discussion going on around the art of taking good pictures, I am all ears. I see it more as an art, an exciting one, interesting one and the best asset one can use in storytelling after words. Sometimes, even better than words. If you are into taking pictures too with little or none of the technical skills but got enough enthusiasm for the delight of capturing the moment, just like me, and if you are in Hyderabad, let’s catch up. 

Coming to the story of blacks, with current shopping fast in progress, I am having so many relooks at my current wardrobe to pick things up every day and I have noticed that I have more than enough and more than just staples in black. Too many things in many shapes. I have a solid black jumpsuit too. Ok. It happened and I can’t help it now. 

Black goes with everything and I feel slim and comfortable wearing that color and so on and on were the reasons I told myself to end up with these clothes. But too many blacks, I am not sure. 

So, here I am, sipping hot teas, staying away from shopping malls or websites, getting into sync with school routines with my baby, catching up religiously with episodes of madam secretary every night, playing with low light pictures and wearing mostly black dresses, for now. 

What’s up with you? 


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