Little project: shopping break 

So tell me, what is your shopping story like? 
With plenty of options out there to lure us, inspire us, convince us and provoke us to get that next big (put any other suitable word like chic, cool, trendy, beautiful or rocking that applies to you) thing in our closet, to look fab and relevant and fit into their (read marketers’) best shoes all the time, everywhere, we can’t blame ourselves to get carried away in the rush. To shop more and celebrate life more and on the way, ending up getting lighter wallet and cluttered closet. It needs a strong heart and a good dose of confidence and contentment with self to say no to them. 

I have been there. I am still there I guess and deep down in my heart, I want to change. With online shops, ads, messages and notifications popping up in my phone and on TV and Internet all the time and backed by my unforgiving interest in fashion and styling, I got weak in my knees many a times. I bought so many things that I am not sure whether I wanted them or not. There are good many number of unused dresses and shoes in my closet that are still waiting for that glorious someday to be worn for the first time. There aren’t just enough days in my life to wear them all, I guess. 

Coming to ground reality, I am not super rich or someone with endless income sources or closet spaces or some helpers to organise my things to keep them in order all the time. I don’t even foresee that in near future. And I work in an office where around 40 percent of my clothes are no-no even on a Friday. 

With that in mind, with the positive results from my first ever experiment in simple living, of using only item at a time (lip balm, to begin with), I am inspired to begin a new project to work on my shopping weakness (yes, I have it and I admit it). So the next project on simple living I am taking is shopping break for a month. Not four weeks but one solid month and it begins today.

The rules for myself are simple.

1. No shopping of items for personal use like clothing, accessories (shoes included) or cosmetics for a month.  

2.The exceptions are items related to personal hygiene which I can shop only if I run out of them badly during this month (there is very rare chance for that).

3. Even if I like something very much during this month, I am not allowed to book mark those pages or save those web links or take screenshots of the items for future reference. I know this part is gonna be tough. For me, at least. 

Let me see how this little shopping break project goes. I will update you with the results once I complete it. And,  in case, just in case,  you are interested, you are open to join me. Please leave a comment below so that we can keep track of each other. 


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