Little things 

I love sharing stories with you. So little things is the new series that I am starting on this blog to share few pictures with stories around them. This is going to be about little things that I love around me in every day life or that caught my interest during the week. 

Let’s begin. 

Little trinkets like these around the house. They are inevitable coz I have a kid at home and also, they are kind of cute. So, I have no complaints.

Birthday celebrations of my friend from office. That triple layer chocolate cake was heaven. Trust me. 

The good reads Facebook page is super cute with beautiful pictures and amazing text from authors across the world. You got to check it out. 

Holding roses while their thorns are touching you. Not a good idea. But, I think it is worth it, for this picture. 

And a little art. My way of killing the time rockstar way (wink). 


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