With little stress on ourselves 

Right now, there are too many thoughts in my brain, that are ready to jump out of brain and become words in this place. They feel the need to be shared and expressed with you but I am not very sure on how that will help you or me. I am not sure this is the right place or moment for it to happen. 

Till now, I have changed the topic of this post thrice and also deleted the draft content written almost the same number of times. I am not sure why I am not sure. I can write anything I want and I know there is nobody sitting out there to judge what I am writing on today’s post. I know that. But, the deal that I spoke of is happening and is real. So, finally I have chosen to share what I am feeling right now about writing the post. I have chosen freedom and let go of the stress or pressure to be prefect or good enough. 

I am glad for this space, this chioce and this freedom. 

On that note,  Let us wish to have the power and clarity to choose our priorities, work on the assignments we love and celebrate moments with the people we like. No judgements. No stress. 

Let’s rock the week ahead. 



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