Little ME time 

There are few activities in my life of which only the act of beginning is in my hands but once I get myself in sync with it, I don’t know how and where to end them with ease. As soon as I begin,  I start feeling least bothered about other tasks lined up, or what is happening in the other room at home or how long has I been doing that or what time of the day it is and immerse myself deeply in my task. It is the process, a beautiful one, that consumes all my attention at that time that I need a strong push to bring me back and away from the activity. Yes, I am taking about my favourite hobbies that I love spending as much time as I can grab and still don’t feel guilty about. 

The things that fall under this category are

  • Taking pictures 
  • Painting with water colors on paper 
  • Yoga
  • Walking alone or with people I love
  • Watching the waves in beach 
  • Reading an interesting book or blog

There may be few other things that can be added or deleted from the list at random but these are permanent members of the list. 

I feel it is a bliss to be able to get so  much involved in such activities. It makes me feel like a child with nothing but the play at hand to bother about. Yes. As adults, we have far too many things to distract us all the time. 

My hobbies make me feel liberated. I feel blessed to be able to get that time for myself, for little indulgences like these. Routine everyday activities bore me quickly and it is in these hobbies that I get my peace of mind. 

Watching the waves in beach or walking for a good distance calms me down while taking pictures of interesting locations or people or objects or drawing or colorimg sessions excite me. At the end, I love the time spent doing them. 
Though my days are typically busy, ( I am a working mom  with a four year old boy and a home to manage) I make an effort to allot some time, either in the weekends or some evening in the midweek or late night one day per week atleast for these hobbies so that I can enjoy myself. 

I guess I deserve it, as if it is a prize or appreciation for the efforts I put it to make my days run smoothly. Isn’t it? 

P.S. The above pictures were drawn one late night while I was having a quite alone time at home with the other two people at home asleep and I made an effort to restrict my self with just one colour to use. So they are, so very blue. 


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