Let’s begin 

The days pass by so quickly that most of the times, Monday morning approaches so quickly than Friday evening and the RUN officially begins faster than we want it to. To catch up with work, errands, cooking and cleaning by sessions, friends, boss, phone, Facebook and what not. Before the rush begins to take a toll on you, is it possible to sit back and cherish the beautiful, memorable moments from weekend a little longer? As a sort of motivation. 

That coffee made by your husband or that spontaneous hug from your kid. That leisurely sunrise watching session from Saturday morning or that play date with neighbouring kids. The little projects you did on weekends or the gardening session in your little balcony. Or may be, the late night cricket match watching with spouse or the pleasure of waking up late on weekend. The cupboard cleaning hours or book reading time with your back laid leisurely in the comfort of your bed. The activity that you did on weekend enjoying the luxury of having plenty of time and freedom to choose what to do next. Appreciate them. 

Instead of complaining the Monday mornings, be grateful for the weekend experiences and weekday work that made it possible for you relax in the weekend. Cherish the little moments and linger upon them a little longer before the routines begin again. Appreciate those luxuries which make you relaxed, feel blessed, and recharged you up for the week ahead. With a little gratitude. Let us be motivated to work smarter the next five days and  celebrate better the next two days. 

Happy Monday folks. 


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