This wonderful age 

Here we are, right now, playing with our little toys and celebrating this stage of life. Me and my son. He will be 5 this August.

I don’t want this stage of my little boy pass by any soon. I want the days to glide on as slowly as possible while me and my husband, as parents enjoy parenting him every single day. Listening to his stories from school, frowning from the logic and reasoning he acquired from watching cartoons, celebrating his eagerness to join us in planning the menu or scheduling the weekend, remembering his need to prove that he is big enoug and carry himself out well in many occasions and still cute dependency on us to brush his teeth or put him to sleep almost everyday at home. We can’t get enough of this.

If I have to list out the things that I love at this stage, it will sound something like these. I adore them so much and for the fear of forgetting them in future, I have started listing them down and sharing it here.

1. Finding animal toys in refrigerator with reason that the season was summer and it is hot outside.

2. Invitations to build forests together and enjoy ice creams and chocolates together.

3.  Watching Chota bheem and mighty Raju along with other bunch of cartoons to fill my free time with enough knowledge about pranks, laddus, friends, witches, ghosts, scientists, forests and all their adventures

4. Finding sand on bedsheets coz the little mister was in a mood to jump on the bed announcing something important,  soon after washing feet post play session in sand. No one has any idea on how the sand got inside the pockets. Just a little, though.

5. Chance to sneak into his room to see what he is upto and watching him talk to animals (toys) sometimes as teacher and sometimes as parent.

6. Listening to his plans for future which includes buying subways, owning treehouses, camping in forests with friends. We have a pretty wild child, I guess. I am not keen on judging at this stage, anyway.

7. Hugs and kisses while saying good morning and good night. I am afraid this may not continue as long as I wish it, but I desperately want it to continue.

8. Defending me with his best possible efforts in every situation, saying that she is my mom and she kisses me happily and so, don’t say anything about her. What a loyal admirer, I say. I appreciate it so very much.

9. Having little conversations as if Spot (the little boy from good dinosaur) is our family member and Raju (the tiny ton from Chota bheem) is our neighbour and not sure about who is the best or who will grow up tall or who will drink milk faster than him.

10. Taking about food based on how good the carrot is to rabbits and leaves are for giraffe and milk is for cats and cheese for mouse but I have no idea on which animals likes eggs or potatoes or tomatoes. Still googling about those (Kidding!!!)

And many more and more. Hope you have similar stories at home too with your little ones.


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