Hello All,

I am Janaki Ramani and you can call me Jaan. I am living in Hyderabad, India along with my husband and nearly 5 year old boy. I like travel, fashion, simple living, art, books and food.

I have this teeny tiny bug prompting me to write a blog in the back of my mind since long, hitting me again and again and today here I am, finally, giving in. And here I am, making my first post on my new blog. Little Gazette. I wrote another little blog, crazysketchbook, a while back but I couldn’t write for it regularly, content flow got missed, I gradually lost interest in keeping it up and one fine day I deleted it. Completely. like RIP.

So this Little Gazette is like my second chance in blogging and I totally believe in second chances. And also, I miss being called blogger. I think most of you can relate to that feeling. I feel bloggers are inspired and creative cool kids roaming in the middle of crowds and keep creating great content while they juggle their day-to-day life and commitments. Hustlers. Yes. I love this tribe and I want to re-join the team again.

So, here we go. Hoping to keep the things interesting around here.




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