Here I am 

“If nothing ever changed, there will be no butterflies” – unknown 

Here I am now, back to my blog, after a break of around two months. I was busy sorting things, making choices, crossing fingers, writing mails, finishing the pending tasks, making plans, handing over duties and preparing myself to move on. To new job with new team. 

Thus, I chose to slow down.This phase needed me to sit back and watch things happen, at their own pace, one step at a time, one day at a time and I did so. 

Apart from the transition part, the best things that happened in the last two months was that my baby boy graduated from pre-primary school and I had plenty of memories from my trip to china where I had the opportunity to play in snow, board the bullet train, visit Beijing, eat in Indian restaurant in China and climbing the never ending stairs of great wall of China. I am very grateful for the travel experiences. 

The tough part was preparing my work friends (aka colleagues) and myself for my departure.

Now, today, I wanted to post here to say that I will come back to this blog once the transition is over. With clear mind and light heart. Soon.

Stay in touch. Have a good time.

(Pic: sunset in Beijing)






This year 

I know that it is now too late to wish you guys happy new year. But anyways, happy new year. 

Saying that I was busy since last month to take time out to write a blog post here would be lie. There were moments where are I was totally free, feeling super creative, thoughtful and energetic but I don’t know why this blog post thing didn’t happen. 

Ok. I will tell you what I have been doing, in few simple words below. 

Learning: how to draw dragon, from my baby boy.

Practicing: lead notes to my first few sings on guitar (not the entire songs but just the first few lines) 

Listening: all new Bollywood party songs coz we are taking Zumba seriously at home lately (wink)

Eating: lots of sweets. I don’t know how this new craving began but right now, I am eating at least one or two a day. 

Workout: now this is the big part of my day lately and I am glad that I am continuing this new year goal even after the third week of January. So, I think that is big progress. And my recent sweets obsession is making me work out more, as if you compensate for the extra calories put in my body. 

Favorite webpage: pop sugar fitness page. There is lots of important information here for fitness amateurs like me. 

Planning: a trip to chennai next week. Trying to learn a couple of Tamil words here and there. 

Reading: serious philosophy stuff. 

Insta-stalking: Ballerinas and their poses and moves and workouts. 

Goal: this year, unlike any other year, I have finally learnt that one is enough. I just had one goal for this year. To be my best fit self. 

So, that is the story guys. How is your new year going on?

– good vibes – 

Dear little one 

Dear little one, 

These days are wonderful, with you. 

As you keep on talking, I keep on listening. And smiling. And nodding. And getting to know you better. 

The more, the merrier. For both of us. 

You show me picture of snow bear, talking excitedly about what they do and eat and where they live. I nod my head confirming that such things exist. And then you ask me about rain cats and sun tigers. 

I notice how quickly you relate things and make connections. I am learning. 

You request me for stories of dinosaurs, deers and butterflies before bed.

I open up my silly imagination. 

The other day, you request me for stories of dinosaurs, deers and butterflies before bed. I say that I am tired. 

And you understand and share your stories instead. 

I was struggling to play decent notes on guitar since an year. You joined drums class two weeks back and you want to complete drums lessons by class 2 and learn piano by class 4 and guitar by class 6. 

You are ready for the new things. I am listening to you  while tuning my guitar strings. 

You want to hide scars on your little knees, torn papers from school books, broken legs of animal toys, crayon drawings on dressers which tests my nerves a little. But when you show me stars and smileys from teacher on your homework and kiss me for helping you, I tend to forget the tough parts of our day.  

You ask me take pictures. Of your drawing, crayons, baby dinosaurs (coming out from eggs) and your little hands. And then you change poses even before I unlock my phone and touch my camera button. Before I take take a decent pic. You are quick. 

I will pick up. 

Before you move on to the next stage, the next class, the next cartoon, next new game, new hobby, I want to hold you now, box these moments and say big wholehearted thank you to you. With a kiss.  

For being sweet, quick, lovable, understanding and kind to this mom who is learning how to play this mom game. You are rocking this stage every single day and I am taking cues, picking up toys from floor, learning names, learning grace, making notes in mind to do a better job tomorrow. I am working on it. 

Telling stories, hiding our faults, helping each other, and remembering to take a few pictures along the way for keepsake, we are ready. For tomorrow. Side by side. Hand in hand. 

Let’s move on. 



Coffee break 


Sit. And sip.

Before the you get the next call for hot water. Or that red colored spoon. Or missing socks. Or sauce. Or watering plants (which I imagine they do call me for water these days).

They can wait. A bit.

May be another minute.

Sit. And sip.

Before you begin running again for  little race you began in the morning while putting the milk to boil on stove. You can continue it. You will finish it on time.

But for now, sit. And sip.

Because, you love it and you are blessed by a couple of hands to help you. The most lovely and helpful couple of hands that allow you the liberty to warm up your own hands with the little cup of coffee on winter mornings. Together, you can make up for the lost time. You for them. Them for you.

I am telling this to myself almost everyday, and doing my best to not miss it (with so much help from my boys, of course) coz this winter is not going to stay forever. Neither the morning cold breeze nor the friendliest sunrise. Though it may happen tomorrow, it will not be the same as today. Isn’t it.

And so, Sit. And sip.

And carry on.

Pick up speed afterwards. And make sure to be on time.

To school. And to office.

Little things #6 

How can it happen that I have so many things to share on my mind, so many draft posts in line but I have posted so less here, at this place. May be I am collecting too many thoughts and presenting so less. No Judgements. On self at least. It is OK to go with the flow. for now.

So, here I am back from office, sitting on the couch, drafting the post with laptop on my lap while my boy is having crispies for evening snacks while enjoying the never-cease-to-be-interesting-almost-family-member-type-characters Doraemon and Lobita on TV. This is our typical evening before we move on to home works from school, dinner, little play time and stories before bed.

I am happy today. For not some big things but the little things. my things. My new shoes didn’t pinch a bit today (on day one), loved the bow on shirt and I was actually looking at it all the day now and then admiring it, had a very fruitful meeting with new senior colleague at office, met my friend from Hong Kong in the evening at office (unplanned but super happy moment), one of my friends announced her wedding (I am so happy for her), had kulfi with my baby on my way back to home, saw that my new baby plants survived the third day at home (this is a thing for me as I don’t have my trust on my parenting skills with plants). How can a pair of good shoes bring so many good things in your day? I think I should make a note of this. Though I don’t have pictures of any of this to show you, I am happy throughout and am very thankful for every single thing that happened today. And one more thing. I am writing a blog post today. This is cherry-on-my-cake moment for today because this is the thing I love the most. Collecting pictures, drafting the post and sharing it with you. I love it and I love you for taking time to read my story. Thank you so much.

So, here I am, sharing my little things with you. The few snippets from this month, which I have luckily taken pictures of to share and to remember them forever.

Diwali is special in itself but when my kid brings home a new plain mud diya to be decorated for competition at school, I can’t help myself but pull out my art supplies and spend one more best hour with my kid.

I love this nude shade of this nail colour from colorbar. It’s my kind of cool yet professional.

The rangoli I made in our drawing room floor on diwali. With flowers and candles, it was a masterpiece for my record, considering my skill level in homely and girly things like these.

One of the many gorgeous views from our road trip. The lake, the tree, the little temple, the truck, the reflection, the sky. I call it perfection, the untouched and raw kind.

And here are my new babies. Hope I can show you pictures of them blooming and thriving two months later. Please wish me success. Please pray for the life of these little babies in my hands. Pretty please. #fingerscrossed






In that faraway land, there were vast fields, nice people, green horizons, friendly neighbourhoods, free time, beautiful temples, calm lakes and home. And parents.

Play as much as you want. Read as much as you want. Cycle at leisure. Draw your dreams. Swing in the swing. Fall asleep while reading local news. Small talks. Slow cooking. Sun bathing. Line drying the clothes. Fresh fruits from the trees. Mobile data off.

Our trip last week was short. The memories were many. To remember and cherish while doing yoga poses in morning on mat or while saving that sales forecast excel sheet at desk. Here I am, today, back to my business of making breakfasts and building castles.

There was a time when I used to feel that the other life is very boring and mundane and can never suit my tastes. I wanted a fast life. I wanted to move away, make a name, make a career, build empire.I grew up. I came away. I changed.

I came, made a career, had a family, made home, learnt cooking, cleaning and waking up to alarms, practised making lists and crossing items off the to-do list throughout the day, chasing time, being productive, squeezing activities all along so that I can get that one free hour in the evening. To play as much as I want, to read as much I want, to draw my dreams as much as I want, along with my kid. I am becoming what I wanted.

and then, I started changing, slowly and gradually.

Started dreaming again.

This time, of the faraway lands.





Slowing down 

I often dream of the days where I am on vacation, wake up slowly, open the window to let the breeze in, feel fresh, brush my teeth, take bath, sip a cup of coffee served steaming hot on a clean table, have a delicious breakfast with at least two chutneys, take out my backpack with essentials for the day, for me and my loved ones, walk out locking the hotel room, exchanging pleasantries with the hotel staff and explore the places around, taking my time, slowly.

I would watch the roads. 

I would watch the people. 

I would watch the trees around. 

I prefer to walk around for most part of the day, soaking the scenes what I am watching, cherishing the roads I am walking, meeting new people, tasting new food and making memories of the moments I am living.


I told you, it was a dream. 


At home on Thursday morning, I can wake up slowly, open the window to let the breeze in, feel fresh, brush my teeth, take bath, sip coffee, a hot one, serving it to myself on a clean table, have delicious breakfast with chutney (at home, one is enough), prepare and pack essentials for my loved ones for the rest of the day, pick up my bags, lock my apartment, exchange pleasantries with watchman daughter and start engine of my Vespa to drive to my office. 


Tell me, it can done. 


Once I am out of home, I can’t change or control the roads I take, the traffic I face, the people I meet, the work I do, the meetings I attend, the calls I take. But in my own little place, I think, I  can. Manage. 


Tell me, this is not a dream.

Tell me, this Thursday is not a vacation day.  

But tell me, it can be done.