Fitness story

I started my serious fitness journey an year back, by signing up for one month attention from a personal trainer at my local gym. My goal was weight loss. I was at 67.5 kilos. The trainer was good. I got personal diet plan as well. We did all kinds of exercises that my body can … Continue reading Fitness story


Until the work gets done, it feels tiresome. Until the issue gets resolved, it feels complex. Until the moment (or day or quarter) teams align, project gets completed and product gets shipped, it feels like an uphill journey. Even at home, until I see the husband’s smile while relishing a tasty dinner or feel the … Continue reading Hustle


Deleted all my old blog posts here (now) and few other places (earlier).┬áBut keeping the blog name same and hitting the “restart” button (in my mind). I was afraid to delete the old posts. I am afraid to create new ones, starting from scratch. But I guess, I am ready for it. Continue reading Re-start