Currently …

I am liking the way climate is changing nowadays, moving slowly towards the cooler side, and I am liking the way me and my kid are finding our new routine in life at home. After having a super engaging November with husband going abroad for work, cousins and mom dropping by to visit us, few … Continue reading Currently …

Quick weekend trip

With holiday season around the corner, aren’t you in a mood to plan some small holiday, alone or with couple of friends, this winter? I am exactly in that mood. I have a little trip planned in the month of December and I have around 4 weeks time to plan in peace. But I don’t like … Continue reading Quick weekend trip

Little Hack

Last summer, I discovered the amazing taste of overnight oats. The procedure is simple and the taste is great. You have to soak your oats with milk and fruits or seeds or any other toppings of your choice the night before, put it in a jar and then keep it in a refrigerator overnight. You … Continue reading Little Hack

Roads: Wayanad

Am I talking about roads here, today? Yes, please. Listen me out. After driving every weekday to and fro to office, covering around 30 KM, in the peak of traffic, on not-so-perfect roads, stopping at signals, jams and slowing down at horns, in the rainy season that ended very recently in my city, experience of … Continue reading Roads: Wayanad

No pressure

How are you feeling about blogging lately? I mean, your ideal version of blogging.┬áHere is mine. Being a blogger, I am required to be perfect, interesting and put together so that I can share stories on how I am nailing my outfits, meals, job or home everyday, throughout the year and share seasonal advice or … Continue reading No pressure