Our story for this month started with requests for birthday gifts and continued with multiple trips to stores for party supplies, kid’s clothing and bakery until the personal invitations were done, candles blown, balloons blasted, candies distributed, little bellies and hearts were made happy. The party was over a week back, yet the good vibes … Continue reading Currently

First book

Let us go many years back, to the time you were a child or a young adult and to the moment when you got a chance to read a book. The one which is not part of your school curriculum, the one which your teacher, mother or any elder did not ask you to read, but … Continue reading First book

Choosing your team

Hardly any dream project can be completed alone. You need a team and there are types of them. There are teams where every one is looking for someone to hand hold the task to them, keeping the strategy ready (beforehand) to pass the buck to someone else very soon, or have a valid, fool proof reason … Continue reading Choosing your team

Few things

We all have those little or big things that we heard, read, seen or done that caught our attention recently.  Here are mine. 1. The picture above. This image was shot with my phone on Sunday evening during visit to my aunt’s house. It was basic, taken out of interest but few minutes of editing … Continue reading Few things