Celebrating yoga and story on how I got started doing Yoga

I know that yoga day is not for everyone but in case you want to join the bandwagon, the beginnings can be so easy. You just need a mat, a comfortable dress and little place in your drawing room (or any room) to begin with. There are plenty of resources like apps, YouTube videos, blogposts, … More Celebrating yoga and story on how I got started doing Yoga

Getting the Sun

Often, the solution for a complex problem is simple. I have a personal story to prove. I was suffering from pains in my legs from around 4 years, feeling intermittent pain, mild during day time and typically getting intensified at night, without prior knowledge when it will start or how can it subside. I tried … More Getting the Sun


Currently, I am typing this blog post while sitting on my couch, air drying my hair after a bath, after getting drenched in colours (both wet and dry) and a bit of egg too, in the last two hours in our apartment complex on a pleasant morning of Holi, the festival of colours. We, the … More Currently

Happy women’s day

We, as women, have come far already and yet, there are (millions of) miles to go ahead. Let us continue the journey, keep completing our projects, diligently taking notes of our lessons learned and sharing them with those who need that wisdom. Let us pat each other in moments of success and encourage each other … More Happy women’s day